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Purple Parking

Purple Parking is one of the largest UK airport parking company and is at the forefront in state of the art car parking technology, providing parking for over 100 thousand customers annually.

With in excess of one thousand vehicles to audit and park every day at their Heathrow site alone, vehicle auditing could not be handled manually. Their needs demanded an automated system capable of processing in excess of 1000 vehicles per day and producing exceptional quality evidential images.

Purple parking vehcile damage recording drive through canopyStandard video CCTV systems pixelate when zooming in and are not capable of showing the fine detail needed to identify wheel scuffs; scratches and small dents.

Recognising the benefits of superior image quality that our Hi-Lighter provides Verdant Technologies was selected as their supplier and our first system was installed at Brent Road in 2004 with a further system for the Bath Road site installed in 2007

Purple Parking’s foresight and commitment to innovation has been well rewarded. Following installation the system has paid for itself several times over.

“We don’t know how we coped before the system was installed and it is now an essential part of our operation. The image clarity is so good that we can easily identify scratches and scuffs on vehicles and have even been able to verify whether license disks were fixed to the windscreen when the vehicle arrived.

Evidence is easy to look up and because the driver is photographed with the vehicle there is no dispute as to whether damage could have been caused by us. Since installation the system has paid for itself several times over”, Says Kim Wiles, Head of Customer Relations Purple Parking.

Ten years on from our first installation Verdant Technologies is still pleased to be providing maintenance and support for Purple Parking’s systems.

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