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CCTV for Belgravia Mansions: High end, Low profile

The Kidlington Centre CCTVWhen Verdant Technologies were asked to provide CCTV for Belgravia Mansions, it was clear from outset that high image quality would be paramount as well as ensuring that the appearance of this iconic and prestigious building would not be compromised.

Verdant Technologies were pleased to present proposals for an eight camera system to cover the periphery of the building using high end MegaPixel IP cameras networked back to the main security office where recording and reviewing would take place.

Part of our brief was to ensure that the viewing software would be intuitive and easy to use, since the CCTV is only a part of the daily activities for the Building Management team and thus reviewing and exporting of incidents would only be performed occasionally.

The building is three stories high and cameras would need to be discretely mounted to the corners of the building under the top floor fascia. This meant that cameras would only be accessible via a cherry picker, which is not easy to carry out given the central London location.

With these constraints in mind Verdant Technologies proposed the new Acti KCM 5211 cameras. These cameras offer 4 MegaPixel definition and a remotely adjustable x18 optical zoom lens. This means that re-focussing and changes to the scene can be managed from within the control room and without the need to physically access the cameras. The 4 MegaPixel HD definition means that the cameras can cover a wide area with the ability to zoom into the recorded image to see greater detail.

For the recorder we proposed the QNAP Viostor-2012 Pro with 2 Terabytes of hard drive capacity, from our experience of previous installations we were confident that this Linux based recorder would provide trouble free operation with an easy to use software interface for viewing cameras and exporting of incidents.

The system was commissioned in September 2012 and has proved valuable asset not only for obtaining evidence but also as a management tool to see view activity in and around the estate.

”The CCTV system installed by Verdant Technologies is now an integral part of our facilities management operation. The image clarity is very good and enables us to see what is going on at any point around the perimeter of the building at any one time”, says Gordon McDonald, Property Services Manager at Belgravia Mansions.


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