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The NEED for Automated Vehicle Damage recording (VDR)

Vehicle Damage small indentation

Customer care and “safe hands handling” are paramount concerns for any car parking operation and so serious attention must be paid to recording the state of vehicles as they arrive at the car park.

Figure 1: Small area of damage often not noticed by the customer on arrival

Damage to vehicles by car park operations is a rarity, but should it occur then it is important that customer complaints are handled quickly and efficiently.

The vehicle damage recording system is crucial in establishing whether, for example, a wheel scuff or broken wing mirror was present when the vehicle arrived, or whether it was subsequently caused whilst the vehicle was parked in the car park.

Most false claims are simply down to the fact that customers generally don’t inspect their vehicles before arriving at the car park, but do when returning to collect their car. Thus any vehicle damage present before arriving at the car park may well not have been noticed by the owner.

This is why our automated vehicle condition capture system works so well to protect both the customer and the car park operator. It automatically records what it sees at point of entry by photographically scanning the vehicle.

The system is fully automatic with all cameras simultaneously triggered from a barrier contact, loop detector or call button operation and so the delay to the customer is minimal.


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