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The Hardware

The Lighting

Our lighting is critical to the performance of the system so that lighting is diffused evenly within the canopy to avoid lighting “hot spots”. Care is taken to ensure all round lighting so that clear sharp images of the subject can be taken both day and night and in variable sun-light conditions.

The cameras

Digital Image recorders Our cameras are purpose designed for the job. We use up to eight specialist digital cameras to provide comprehensive coverage of vehicles from both end and side views. Each 12 Megapixel camera takes photographs at 4,272 x 2,848 resolution, giving outstanding definition capable of seeing tiny scratches or windscreen chips, which is the typical damage that is so hard for an operator to spot using manual methods.

Typical camera style

The computer equipment

We use dedicated industrial fanless computers designed for long term unattended operation in all weathers which manage the upload of the images to the network digital recorder. The recorder has sufficient capacity for at least 31 days, but this can be expanded as required.

Digital Image recorders Digital Image recorders

Digital Image recorders


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