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Designers and Installers of Digital CCTV systems

Since 2002 Verdant Technologies have been at the forefront of developments in CCTV. We specialise in bringing you the best camera technology at the most competitive price.
We are suppliers and installers to schools, housing associations councils, business’s and airports.

Our focus is the security market, applying our knowledge and experience to solve the many varied problems that our clients present.

Not only do we install cameras, but we have the skills and experience to customise and develop novel solutions where no suitable “off the shelf” product exists.

Our Hi-Lighter system is an in house development using high definition digital photographic cameras to automatically photograph damage to vehicles in car parking applications. The links to our case studies and timeline demonstrate the range of projects we have undertaken.
No two projects are the same and so our proposals are written with your specific requirements in mind and we normally expect to visit site to ensure both costs and timescales are achievable.

We offer technical support and maintenance for our installations as an option. In many cases we also provide remote online assistance via our active maintenance programme so that routine technical support and maintenance issues can be resolved quickly and without the need for site visits.

Please visit our contact page for more details and to arrange for a free quotation.
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